Friday, May 26, 2017

The Summer Cat

One day recently, I enjoyed a 15 minute bout of recreational shopping in a thrift store.

Knowing that there was a specified and very limited amount of time to shop, I pushed the cart quickly through the aisles.

Then  the  bright apricot and yellow colored wooden cat was spotted. 

Looking rather lazy, perhaps from hot, sultry weather, she had bright red scrolling and purple stars painted on her.

Even her winding metal tail looked pizzazz y. 

She wasn 't very big---about five inches across and five inches tall.

For a buck seventy nine, she was a done deal.

She joined a couple other items in the cart. Off we whizzed to the cash register.

Now isn't she a charming way to welcome spring on the kitchen window sill?


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Big and Little Houses Get Ready for Spring

It's time to spruce things up for spring in  the big as well as little house.

Yep, the dollhouse needs some spiffing, too.

Hope you enjoy all the photos!

The cotton snow front yard is gone now, replaced with green "grass."

The little angel sitting on the steps came from Michael's Craft Store. 

Flowers in little pots have been placed in the yard and along the steps.

The white "wrought iron" furniture came out of hiding, too.

Uh oh. Spotted a swing set in the fairy garden section of Big Lots.

It's calling my name even though I left it, and its $6 price tag, a few days ago.

Haven't been able to get it out of my mind so that's not a good sign.

The dollhouse looks, well, pretty "dolled up" and is ready for spring!

We will have additional posts on the spring dollhouse, so if interested, keep checking back!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Welcome "Mat"

While shopping in Bed, Bath and Beyond for a specific item, I came across the porch rug shown in this post.

It is bright, cheery and can make an onlooker burst into smiles.

How could it be resisted?

Now it's on the front porch, welcoming the postal carrier, friends, and anyone else who comes to our house.

The message is just perfect and so comforting and welcome in these rather perilous times.

While in the store, on the clearance rack, there was also a mirrored tissue box cover that had tiny rows of rhinestones.

Originally $29.99, it was on sale for $4.99.  Perfect!  It's a nice addition to the downstairs bathroom. (It's tricky to photograph it, though.)

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